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You ever feel like you just woke up from a REALLY long dream? Think about it for a second..

What did you dream about?

Was it a good dream or was it a nightmare?

If you had the power to dream anything you wanted every night, what kind of dreams would you have?

What would your life be like when you woke up?

The thoughts in these questions run deep.. You would most certainly be a different person when you woke up. But what did you learn? What did you accomplish or fail at? LOL ok I'll stop with the questions.

I want to share a dream I had with you.. In it I met this being that emulated a brilliant glow. Not too bright, but a glow that was warm and welcoming. The being talked with me and listed to me as we walked down the street. No one else was around.. but I got a sense of peace, I wasn't worried or stressed or even uneasy. I felt a sense of enlightenment.. The being then became a familiar woman and smiled at me.. and right before I woke up she said.. "laughter is the key to inner peace."

I feel that now more than ever, to be who you are. Don't second guess yourself, your decisions, your actions. Don't let your thoughts keep you from being the greatest person you truly are or can be... Just - BE. In every sense of the word.

The lowest point, you've already reached it.

Those goals, you already have them.

That life, you already live it.

That love, you already have it.

Time to wake up world!

What do you desire?

¡Qué sueño!

Talk with you soon!

-i.LOGiQ (G.)

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